CBS Barrel Picks

Single Barrel (SiB) selections are the newly allocated bourbons.  CBS members, as well as bourbon novices and enthusiasts often ask how we determine who gets to pick these “one-of-a-kind” barrels.

The answer is easy.  We’ve created the Charlotte Bourbon Society Hospitality Barrel Pick Panel.  Our panel consists of the “best of the best” mixologists, chefs, and owners/operators in the city of Charlotte.  Curating craft cocktails and pairing them with food is an art.  Our panel of highly trained mixologists and chefs are palate pleasers, so when choosing a particular barrel profile, they always take the consumer into consideration.

Picking a barrel is typically a 1 to 2-hour process that involves 6-8 palates, choosing between 3 to 6 barrel samples (if not more), and then narrowing it down to the barrels to be bottled and sold at our local ABC stores.  If you aren’t lucky enough to get one, or your friends don’t want to share, you can probably find it at one of our local whiskey establishments.

We believe that SiBs are the short and long-term answer to the allocation shortage we experience living in a controlled state.  We’re very fortunate to have great relationships with the spirits industry product and single barrel program managers.

SiBs is a unique and one-of-a-kind selection that, once gone, it’s gone.  Cheers!

    • Templeton Rye – ✅ PICKED!  We were the only group in the Southeast to get this pick!  Available at Waverly ABC (as of 1/24/21)
    • Knob Creek Rye – ✅ PICKED!  Released Dec 2021.  This delicious pick is sprinkled out in the wild (Meck ABC) – rumor is there still might be some out in the wild!
    • Barrel Craft Spirits – ✅ PICKED!  2 Bourbon, 2 Rye, and 1 Finished Whiskey – not many left!  Some bottles are available at Independence ABC Store 8
    • Old Soul – ✅ PICKED!  3 Barrels Selected, May 2021 | AO 1/24/22 some available at several Meck ABC stores
    • Whistle Pig Whiskey – ✅ PICKED!  2 Barrels Selected, Released Oct 2021 – Available at Waverly ABC (AO 1/24/22)
    • Ron Izalco Rum 10 Year Premium Rum – ✅ PICKED!  Private Reserve at Cask Strength, Released Oct 2021 | Still available at several Meck ABC Stores (AO 1/24/22)
    • Larceny – ✅ PICKED!  5 Barrels Selected, Released Dec 2021 | Available at Waverly ABC (AO 1/24/22)
    • RY3 Whiskey – ✅ PICKED!  1st Pick in North Carolina!  Released Sept 2021 | Still available at some Meck ABC stores (AO 1/24/22)
    • Wilderness Trail Distillery – ✅ PICKED!  Wheater | Cask Strength 114 Proof.  @Lazy Day Liquors [SOLD OUT]
    • Brown Forman – ✅ PICKED!  6 Woodford Picks | Released Nov-Dec 2021
      • Woodford Reserve Bourbon Personal Selection [SOLD OUT #1, #2 and #3]
      • Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Barrel Personal Selection – coming Feb 2022
      • Woodford Reserve Rye Whiskey Personal Selection – almost gone!
    • Southern Distilling Company – Southern Star Double Rye – ✅ PICKED!  [SOLD OUT]
    • Elijah Craig – Barrel Proof – ✅ PICKED!  Released Dec 2021 [SOLD OUT]
    • Russels Reserve – ✅ PICKED!  Anticipated Release: Feb-Mar 2022
    • Jack Daniels Full Proof – ✅ PICKED!  Released Dec 2021 (CBS Barrel Palooza) [SOLD OUT] – Best Jack pick yet!
    • Mystic Special Release “The Art of Bourbon” | ✅ PICKED! Distillery Only | Still available at Mystic Farm & Distillery (AO 1-24-22)
    • Bulleit Bourbon |  ✅ PICKED!  4 DELICIOUS BARRELS | Released Dec 2021 (CBS Barrel Palooza) Still available at Waverly ABC (AO 1/24/22)
    • Stellum Whiskey | ✅ PICKED!  Anticipated Release: Jan-Feb 2022
    • Lone Elm Whiskey | ✅ PICKED!  Anticipated Release: Jan-Feb 2022
    • Three Chord Bourbon |✅ PICKED!  Anticipated Release: Jan-Feb 2022
    • RY3 Whiskey (Yes! another fabulous CBS pick!) |✅ PICKED! Anticipated Release: Mar 2022
    • Old Soul (Yes!  Another Old Soul CBS pick!) | ✅ PICKED! Anticipated Release: Mar 2022


We have several more barrel picks in the works for 2022!  Stay tuned and check back often for updates!


  • Southern Grace Distilleries – #1, October 2019
  • Southern Grace Distilleries – #2, December 2019
  • Brown-Forman – Old Forester #1, February 2020
  • Maker’s Mark Private Select #1, March 2019
  • Brown-Forman – Old Forester #2, July 2020
  • Brown-Forman – Woodford Private Select with Chris Morris, October 2020
  • George Dickel 9 Year Barrel Select with Nicole Austin, October 2020
  • Heaven Hill – Elijah Craig 9 Year, Nov 2020

CBS has a matured barrel pick program with thought out process, well defined governance and experienced barrel pick-team. I’m thankful for Charlotte Bourbon Society for providing a neutral platform for fast emerging brands such as RY3 Whiskey and Ron Izalco Rum to share our labor of love with whiskey and rum lovers in North Carolina.

Karthik SudhirFounder & CEO, Phenomenal Spirits