Mystic Farm & Distillery

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In 2013, we started with a small dream: to make an all-American version of a Scottish spiced whisky liqueur.  It had to be great on its own yet play well with others.  And, we had to be proud to introduce people to it.  After many hundreds of versions, experimenting with different combinations of botanicals and sweeteners, we discovered the perfect combination: a nine-spice tea with a touch of wildflower honey blended into a 45% wheat bourbon.  From a stovetop creation, we scaled up production in leased facilities and jumped in the car to begin introducing Mystic to people throughout the Southeast.  That’s how Mystic Bourbon Liqueur was born.

As we make Mystic, we open up our bourbon barrels, taste the aging spirit, and judge when it’s ready — does it have a beautiful amber color, has it picked up enough vanilla flavor from the barrel, has it matured and refined? Because each barrel is unique, the bourbon from each barrel is also unique. And some were beyond amazing.  We decided we shouldn’t be selfish; others should also get to experience bourbon fresh from the cask, too.  So, a couple of years ago, we introduced Heart of Mystic: bourbon we take from the barrel, without chill filtering or proofing water, directly into the bottle. We have poured at charity events, tasting sessions, and bourbon festivals across three states and Washington D.C.   We continue to be proud to introduce people to Mystic and now Heart of Mystic.  Our dream continues.  We have built out a 3000 square foot distillery on our 20+ acre farm.  In 2016 we began growing our own corn and wheat to distill and barrel.  We have beehives on our farm producing honey for us. We’re growing some botanicals as well for new products.

We’re proud to welcome you to our Farm and Distillery and look forward to giving you an educational tour, a bottling session, a pick-your-own experience, or one of our acclaimed classes.

We are located at 1212 North Mineral Springs Road, Durham, NC 27703

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